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Pearl St. Mall Engagement Photos

Choosing an engagement session location always involves quite a bit of discussion with your photographer. You want it to be something that means something to you, but it also needs to have some dynamic backdrops and offers good lighting options.

I personally love when the shoot takes us on a little exploration, like it does on Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

There are challenges to such a busy, public place, but truly, unless you want your photos done in a studio, you are likely to run into this problem.

Choosing some easy-to-access nature locations can be just as busy!

There are many tricks your photographer can use in order to avoid the crowds. Clearly timing, like the above photo, is a part of it. Being in motion helps with this! Or sometimes it's about holding the shot.

Different angles and cropping can also snip out the bystanders on a busy street without anyone noticing!

Photoshop is the last option, but a great tool. It's amazing how easy it is to just snip-snip these days and delete an accidental photobomber.

And of course, you can always just leave the bystanders in the photo to add to the authenticity of the image and a sense of place!

Overall, don't let crowds stop you from choosing your most ideal engagement photo location. There are so many great ones around Denver and Boulder, but most likely you'll have to work with the people around you. Most of the time everyone is super accommodating.

Be patient, and have fun!

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