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Snowy Engagement Photos

When Vanessa & Brady said they wanted some winter wonderland engagement photos, I was very careful to set expectations that the weather in Colorado doesn't always supply when you want it! Thankfully the sky turned on the snow-faucet right when we were heading up Flagstaff to Lost Gulch Lookout for these shots.

I have a secret area I like to go to because this spot is always so crowded with tourists, but I know just where to go to get some privacy which makes my job easier, and the helps when couples are a little camera shy.

I'm so happy with how these turned out!

I was a bit worried that the incoming weather was going to block out the mountainous backdrop that IS the reason we chose this location, but we had the clouds break for a nice backdrop.

And of course, always happy when a cloudy day turns into a colorful sunset!

Such a wonderful evening! Can't wait to capture these two lovebirds on their wedding day this spring.

- Mira


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