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Sunset on the mountain top: Engagement Photos

I've been wanting to post these engagement photos from my all time favorite location in Colorado. Now, for the sake of keeping Colorado wild and because I don't want these always empty perfect location suddenly overrun, I'm not naming the mountain. But if you really have to know, just send me an email.

I love this spot for all kinds of photos, but it's really just perfect for mountain-loving couples looking for sunset engagement photos. With panoramic views of the continental divide and a clear plains view in front of Boulder, CO, it's 360 magic backdrops. Plus there are twisty trees and old pines and red rocks set up to sit on. It's a great spot to take some pictures and then crack a beer and watch the sun set.

There is one caveat: it involves a wee bit of a hike. Nothing crazy, but I do recommend people bring a pair of shoes that can handle some rocky footing. And because it's at elevation, the climb can feel a bit harder for out-of-state folks. That said, an adventurous couple who enjoys hiking will think this is the perfect spot for a shoot. A little bit of wilderness but ultra romantic.

The best part—there is never anyone here! Whenever I come up here (sometimes my hubby and I do on our own just for the views), it's always empty.

I'm looking forward to many more mountainous Colorado engagement photoshoots up here.

Do you know what mountain summit I'm talking about? I feel like my other local Denver/ Boulder Photographers might have this in their back pocket as well.


- Mira

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