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A Glowy Fall Wedding

I've been in love with these wedding photos since I took them last fall when Dani & Galen had their masquerade-themed wedding. Yet somehow it was snowing and wintery by the time I thought to post them, so decided to wait until the timing was more appropriate with the leaves turning this year.

I was in love with the little details they chose to represent their personalities, their family, and the location.

The couple and their family were such a delight, and I could not be more happy for them!

I'm always a fan of when a couple chooses to do a first look and wedding party photos before the ceremony. Everyone is looking their freshest, and then they can spend more time with their guests!

It was literally the perfect late fall day for these cottonwoods to shine their brightest!

The couple had their first date at the Flatirons, so it was apropos that they were background view from their private residence venue!

Happy Anniversary Dani & Galen!

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