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Professional Headshots for a Fractional-CMO

Meet Megan!

I've began working with Megan Pitcher of Pitch Digital Consulting for Google and Social Media ads and cannot rave about her enough. I was absolutely delighted when she said she needed new headshots and wanted me to take them.

I'm always trying to think about the image my clients are trying to represent when I take their headshots. It's so much more than just a nice-looking photo of them.

We chose to do Megan's pictures at Kiln Co-working space because it has lots of white and brightly lit areas, plus plenty of plants to keep the images (and Megan's brand) down-to-earth and approachable.

Her branding is red, so I was able to match the tone of the red on some of the images to make sure it would work on her website and keep her social posts cohesive.

Overall, both Megan and I were super happy with how these headshots and branding images came out. It's so exciting to see my clients share my work, and she's been such a great referral source ever since. Thanks Megan!

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