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Katie's Senior Photos at Standley Lake

In all my years building a photography business in Canada, senior photos (or graduation photos as we would call them) never really grew in my portfolio. Perhaps it's because I lived in a more urban area versus the suburbs, or perhaps it's because I was always so focused on weddings and headshots. Regardless, it's apparent senior pictures are a much bigger deal in the U.S. AND I LOVE THEM!

I think getting dolled up and capturing the essence of your brilliance and your personality with a true-to-you photo shoot is not only fun, but great for confidence building.

I did this super fun shoot with Katie at Standley Lake in Westminster, Colorado during a clear-day sunset, and I knew with the location the photos would be all glow-y and warm and a bit high key, and I'm super happy with how they turned out.

This sweetheart is an actress and a dancer and I had a great time pulling out different aspects of her personality for this shoot.

While living on the eastern slope of the divide can sometimes cut short a true golden hour, I love the variations of lighting we can get. Going from that bright, dramatic sun, to the subdued blue hour with it's softness creates so much diversity in the images. I feel like I really got to pull out my fine-art photography style with these.

Another incredible feature of Standley Lake as a location is getting both the west and east views, so we were able to capture the moon rise over the lake at the height of the colored sky!

After this shoot, I'm really looking forward to building more senior photos and graduation photos in to my schedule. They are so much fun! (Clients say so too).

Interested in booking a senior photo session in Denver or Boulder?

CLICK HERE to review packages and to get in contact.

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